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This site contains a collection of Jewish newspapers published in various countries, languages, and time periods. We display digital versions of each paper, making it possible to view the papers in their original layout. Full-text search is also available for all content published over the course of each newspaper’s publication.  To the newspapers >>


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Hacarmel Hamashkif Dos Idisze Land B'nai B'rith Messenger
A conservative-enlightenment journal, published between 1860-1880. The first Hebrew journal published in Russia "Hamashkif" began to be published regularly in January of 1939 as the newspaper of the Revisionist Movement in Eretz Yisrael
A supplement of the newspaper "Haynt", published between 1934-1936
Chronicled Jewish life in Los Angeles for almost one hundred years


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  • 12.05.2014, Monday
    The Addition of the journal B'nai B'rith Messenger to the website

    The paper chronicled Jewish life in Los Angeles for almost one hundred years. This is the 47th newspaper to be added to the website. At this time, the electronic edition contains 11,400 pages.

  • 27.02.2014, Thursday
    The Addition of the journal Literarishe bleter to the website

    A weekly devoted to literature and culture, published in Warsaw between 1924-1939. This is 46th newspaper to be added to the website. At this time, the electronic edition contains 1,719 pages

  • 31.10.2013, Thursday

    The new JPRESS-Historical Jewish Press website contains more newspapers than it did in the past. Furthermore, it is organized more efficiently and has a more friendly and accessible search function, offering a better service. Please note that the site works on most browsers as well as Internet Explorer Version 9 and higher.