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This site contains a collection of Jewish newspapers published in various countries, languages, and time periods. We display digital versions of each paper, making it possible to view the papers in their original layout. Full-text search is also available for all content published over the course of each newspaper’s publication.  To the newspapers >>


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The Forward Die Wahrheit Echo Żydowskie
The Forward Der fraynd Kol Mevaser Echo Żydowskie
The Forward  is an American newspaper published in New York City for a Jewish-American audience. The publication began in 1897 as a Yiddish-language daily The first Yiddish daily newspaper in Czarist Russia. This was the highest quality Yiddish daily published in Eastern Europe over the years. A weekly newspaper published in Odessa between 1862-1873, and laid the foundation for the development of Yiddish journalism.
The organ of Agudat Yisrael (Agudas Izrael) party in the Polish language. It constituted a short lived attempt to bring the views of that movement.


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  • 01.02.2015, Sunday
    The Addition of the journal Kol HaAm

    In August of 1937, the Palestinian Communist Party started publishing a monthly newspaper in Hebrew called "Kol HaAm"

  • 01.02.2015, Sunday
    The Addition of the journal Lebens Fragen

    Lebens-Fragen made its debut appearance in 1951 in Tel Aviv.

  • 01.02.2015, Sunday
    The Addition of the papers The Jewish Morning Journal

    U.S. Yiddish Daily, based in New-York City.