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This site contains a collection of Jewish newspapers published in various countries, languages, and time periods. We display digital versions of each paper, making it possible to view the papers in their original layout. Full-text search is also available for all content published over the course of each newspaper’s publication.  To the newspapers >>


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Haahdouth Emda
Haahdouth La Epoca




A Weekly published in Jerusalem, the official organ of "Poale Zion".











La Epoca was the most important Jewish Newspaper published in Thessaloniki, and was one of the most important Ladino language newspapers overall.







A Literature-Cultural Hebrew language weekly published in Vilnius in the years 1929-1930.








A Journal published between 1974-1979, edited by Menachem Brinker. A Socialist platform discussing Israeli policy, society and culture.  




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  • 15.03.2017, Wednesday
    The addition of the paper La Epoca to the website

    La Epoca was the most important Jewish Newspaper published in Thessaloniki,

  • 17.02.2016, Wednesday
    Additions to the Sentinel

    The Sentinel, a weekly paper for the Chicago Jewish community, now includes issues from 1950-1951. Issues from 1952-1977 will be added in the coming months.

  • 31.01.2016, Sunday
    20 Polish titles added

    In collaboration with the Polish National Library, 20 new titles have been added in the past 2 months. The titles may be found in the Jewish Press in Poland section, which will continue to expand this year.